Peak Tree Peony Bloom 2017

The last several days have been glorious for the peak of the tree peonies here at Cricket Hill Garden. After three sweltering days last week, the weather cooled to a much more seasonable (and peony blossom friendly) range of 60-75° F.

Though the Chinese and Japanese tree peonies are beginning to shed their petals, the season for hybrid tree peonies (yellows, dark red-blacks and silvery apricots) are just beginning as are the herbaceous peonies. Here's a look at some garden highlights from the last week:

'White Swallow Tail Flecked with Gold' Chinese rockii tree peony

'The Crane'

'Silver Waves on a Blue Ocean' Chinese rockii tree peony. This is a new one for us.

'Red Fairy'

Our mature shrub of 'Red Fairy.' It was planted in 2000 and is now over 7' tall!

'Penguins on Ice'


'Jade Crown Blue Belt'

'Glorious Journey'

'Twin Beauties of Peace'

'Multi-Colored Butterfly'

'Hubei Blue'

'Beauty Yu Ji in a Red Dress'

'Phoenix White'

Some of our Japanese tree peonies.

More Japanese tree peonies.

'Black Dragon Brocade'

'Shimane Wisteria'


'Golden Crown.' We consider this to be one of the best yellow tree peonies.

'Firelight.' This is a rarely seen Saunder's hybrid herbaceous peony.

Another early blooming Saunder's hybrid 'Roselette.' This one was blooming last week and is already gone by.

Medlars are blooming!

Fruit forming on the 'Norris' che tree.




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  • Judy Pressler

    Hi, Dan and Kasha,
    We saw the beautiful tree peonies last weekend and thought you would be open for.further viewing this Memorial Day weekend. Wanted to bring a guest to see the peonies. Your website shows you are closed. Is that the case?

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