Garden and Nursery Update early May 2017

Here's what's been keep us busy recently at Cricket Hill Garden.

Our sales area is stocked with a great selection of tree and herbaceous peonies this year. 

A true testament to the hardiness of herbaceous peonies- rouges popping up from discarded roots in the compost pile. Who would suspect that such delicate beauty could also be so rugged?

One of our tree peony production areas.

1st year tree peony grafts standing tall.

Many 1st year grafted tree peonies will set flower buds. We pick these off early in the spring before they can develop so these young plants concentrate on vegetative growth. With a few thousand to disbud, we can be excused for missing one. 

'Early Bird,' an early blooming hybrid herbaceous peony, bred by the eminent Prof. Saunders.

Herbaceous peony seedlings, these will be used as our rootstock for grafting tree peonies this fall.

Last week we all got really stoned. This the smaller of two rock piles created from plowing up a small fraction (1/4 acre) of our new 3.5 acre production field.

Baby fruit trees going into nursery beds.

Breba (1st crop) figs really starting to grow with the warming weather.


View of the east garden. This will be bursting with blossoms in a week.

Beware of botrytis. Cool, wet weather is make the perfect environment for this destructive fungus to spread. We use Actinovate, to protect against this fungus in the spring.

Pawpaw blossoms opening. Our fingers are crossed for good pollination this year!

Blossoms of 'Nero' aronia berry.

The buds of 'Roselette,' an early blooming herbaceous peony looking plump.

Downy buds of the quince trees.

Mulberries starting to form!

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