Early Summer Update

A quick look at what we and the garden have been up to the last few weeks at Cricket Hill.

Getting a new nursery area ready for all planting. Note the rock piles….

A view of our newly cleared 4 acre plot. We can sure fit a lot of tree peonies in here.

‘Viking’ aronia berries starting to show some color.

‘Prolific’ pawpaw grafted in 2012.

Our kitchen garden.

First peony seeds of the season are ripe, from the species Paeonia anomala

Tree peony seeds are still six weeks away from being ripe.

Garlic is pulled and set out to dry.

Some of our figs. These can be shipped now, during the summer.

Haschberg’ European elderberry starting to size up.

‘Adams,’ a selection our the native American elderberry is not far behind.

The last of the ‘Titania’ black currants

A view of our display orchard. We planted this is 2013 and it’s really starting to fill in.

‘Chapin’ pears are looking good. This is a seedling of ‘Seckel’ and is very similar. 

Our ‘Norris’ seedless che fruit seem to be maturing. We’re very much looking forward to these ripening later this summer. This tree is 3 years old.

A view of one of our tree peony graft beds, in a few months these little babies will be headed off the gardens all across the US.

Flowers on a cultivar of Chinese date or jujube (红枣). It was grafted last year and looks like it will bear a crop this year. This jujube is living up to its reputation for being precocious and the old Chinese farmers’ expression 桃三杏四梨五年,枣树当年就卖钱 (It takes three years for peaches, four for apricots and five for pears, but with jujubes you make money the first year)

We’re happy to see another brood of blue birds in the box. One family used this box earlier in the spring.

Just for fun, we are steeping fruits and herbs to make homemade cassis and elderflower liqueurs, as well as the first ever batch of absinthe.

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