Early and Mid Season Peony Blooms 2017

With the last few days of warm weather, many of the early and mid-season tree peonies have popped open here at Cricket Hill Garden, along with some of the early blooming herbaceous peonies. The flowers are a bit smaller and less vibrant this year than we typically see. We attribute this to stress induced by last year's drought as well as the uneven temperatures (alternate periods of warm and cold) this winter. Despite all of this, these plants are still putting on quite a show, filling the garden with their sweet perfume.

'Apple Gorgeous'

'Purple Tower Inlayed with Gold'

'Luoyang Red'

'Ling Flower Wet with Dew'

'Murad of Hershey Bar'

'Multi-Colored Butterfly'

A self-sown seedling

'Peony Heaven Blue Lotus'

                White Crane Lying in the Snow

White Screen Reflects a Blue Jewel

Lotus Like

Gold Sand in a Black Ocean

Cinnamon Pink

Early Scout

Unknown fern leaf hybrid

P. officinalis

Aronias in full bloom

As are the pawpaws!

Fingers crossed for good fruit set this year on the pawpaws.

We love finishing a long hot day in the field with an evening stroll in the orchard, where the quince are in bloom.

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