Early June Garden Update II

After several days of cool, rainy weather the sun has reemerged in time for the peak of the intersectional and lactiflora type herbaceous peony bloom. Here is a look at what's currently blooming in the garden:

'Alice Harding' is one of the first yellow tree peonies to have been introduced, nearly a century ago. The massive flowers hang down. This disadvantage is overcome in the landscape by planting it in a raised area.

'Alice Harding' also makes a wonderful cut flower. It has a sweet, citrusy scent.

'Leda' still has some massive blooms on display.

'Vesuvian' is another long blooming hybrid tree peony.

'High Noon' has is one of the largest blossomed of the yellow hybrid tree peonies.

'Festiva Maxima' herbaceous peony. It has large flowers which do benefit from some support in the landscape. It does makes a stunning, fragrant cut flower.

'First Arrival' intersectional 'Itoh' peony. This cultivar has very long flower stems, so the blossoms are displayed well above the foliage.

'Bartzella' getting ready to open!

'Hillary' is a multi-toned intersectional (itoh) peony. 

'Cora Louise' backlit by the western light of late afternoon.



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  • Susanwong

    Very nice garden !

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