Early June 2017 Garden Update

The foul weather has finally cleared and with the sun the late season tree peonies really shined today. The early blooming intersectional 'Itoh' hybrids and Chinese lactiflora herbaceous peonies are also poised to pop. 

Here's whats been happening at the nursery the last few days:

'Marchioness' backlit by the western sun.


'Ann Marie'


'Spring Carnival'

'Savage Splendor'

'Happy Days'

'Pastel Splendor' itoh peony

'Hillary' itoh peony

'Fragrant Purple Ball' Chinese herbaceous peony.

Quince fruitlets looking good!

Lots of aronia berries!

Look like we had good pollination on some of our pawpaw trees this year.

Need to thin our 'Red Haven' peach. Leaving all of the fruit increases the risk of disease, not to mention broken limbs!


Tree peony graft beds.

Fruit tree graft beds.

Cover crop on our new field is germinating nicely.

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