Early August 2017 Garden and Nursery Update

Its been a while since we've posted. Never fear, all is well here at Cricket Hill Garden. Some people assume that our work ends when the peonies fade in mid-June. This could not be farther from the case, our summers are spent in preparing for our busiest season, fall. Here is a look at what we've been up to over the last little while.

Preparing new beds for peony planting this fall.

Obligatory picture of just some of the Connecticut potatoes that came out of the area shown above. 

Freshly harvested 2 yr. old herbaceous peony seedlings. These are the rootstock onto which we will graft tree peonies next week.

Asian pears growing well in the fruit tree nursery. Hard to belief that these trees were a little stick three months ago.

We looking forward to a bountiful harvest of fruit over the next two months. Here's some of what's ripening:

'Hosui' Japanese pear ripening.

'Tse Li' is a very late ripening variety of Chinese pear.

'Portugal' quince starting to size up.

Lots of medlars this year.

'Violette De Bordeaux' fig looking luscious.

'Prolific' pawpaws are living up to their name this year.

Mellon berries on the 'Norris' che are getting larger as the season progresses. 

'Tlor-Tisran' black apricot hybrid is almost ripe.

Almost time to pick the aronia berries.

Elderberries aren't too far behind. 

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  • Nancy Linkin

    Yum, especially the figs!

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