Cricket Hill Buds & Blooms Before the Peonies

This week has seen an explosion of buds and blooms in our garden!

Pulmonaria (Pulmonaria officinalis) is a care-free, self-seeding perennial which blooms very early, providing nectar for our intrepid native bees. 

'Adirondack Gold' apricot is loaded with blooms this year, fingers crossed that there won't be a late freeze....

Ditto for the 'Blushing Star' peach!

'Tlor-Tisran' apricot-plum hybrid is also blooming profusely this year. We're hoping that it will set fruit this year with the 'Gigante Di Budrio' plumcot as a pollinator.

Turning to our woods, the wetter areas of the nursery have spicebush (Lindera benzoin) as the dominant understory shrub. These are now in bloom and the woods are glowing!

The emergence of ramps and fiddle heads herald the beginning of the foraging season.

Trout lilies (Erythronium americanum) have colonized to certain areas of our display garden. We're glad that this native can cohabitate so well with the many exotic species we grow.

Nanking cherries (Prunus tomentosa) are in full bloom. Looks like we'll have a great crop of tart cherries in July!

Asian pear buds getting ready to pop!

Pawpaw flower buds are also swelling. These are 2-3 weeks aways from opening. 

We also grow some peonies, which are looking fine this year. This beauty with still bronzed foliage is the early bloomer 'Roselette.'

I would be amiss to mention that it looks to be another fine year for our tree peonies. We think that the bloom will be right on time, with the peak for tree peonies in the third week of May. The herbaceous and intersectional peonies will be at peak from early to mid-June. See our 2017 peony bloom calendar. We hope to see you in the garden this spring!

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