2019 Peony Bloom Recap

The peony bloom at Cricket Hill Garden was spectacular this year with six weeks of flowers. Here are some of the highlights:

Our first ever flower arranging workshop on June 8th in the new barn was a huge success! If you missed it this year, make sure to sign up for next year's class. 

'Mystery' This Saunders' hybrid tree peony is one of our favorites. It's subtle soft pink petals are captivating.

'Nike' was a real standout for us in the display garden this year. It impressed us as being very long bloomed with an excellent growth habit. We hope to have plants available of this cultivar next fall. 

 Our stock plant area is starting to fill out. These plant will be used to gather scion wood for grafting.


 'Zephyrus' is an outstanding hybrid tree peony bred by Nassos Daphnis. 

This is rockii tree peony selected by Chen Dezhong of the Lanzhou, China. In the US, it was registered by his daughter Angela and her husband, Franklin Chow, as 'Amethyst Bunting.' 

 Kamakaze 神風

 Shining Black Master 黑光司


Hybrid herbaceous peony 'White Innocence.'  

'Spring Carnival'

'Shimane Wisteria' 

'White Swallow Tail Flecked with Gold'




'Purple Red Palace'


 'Chinese Dragon'

'Happy Days' 

'Blue Jade with Three Colors' 

 'Phoenix White.'



'Auspicious Clouds' 祥雲 

‘Guardian of the Monastery' 

 'Glorious Journey'

'Seven Gods of Good Fortune' 

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