2018 Peony Bloom

Here are some of the highlights from the 2018 Peony Festival here at Cricket Hill Garden.

Paeonia Mlokosewitschii, aka 'Molly the Witch'

'Green Dragon in a Pink Pool' 青龍臥粉池 an early blooming, antique cultivar of Chinese tree peony

'Early Windflower' a very early blooming hybrid herbaceous peony. This garden rarity was introduced by the great peony breeder A.P. Saunders.

Older seed grown tree peonies blooming for our chickens by their coop.

'Coral Terrace' always attracts a lot of attention from visitors when in bloom.

The wild species tree peony Paeonia delavayi is a rare addition to any garden. We are working hard to propagate enough of these so we can offer them for sale in the not to distant future.

A seedling tree peony which we are excited about.

Another seedling tree peony. This one has MASSIVE white blossoms. We will definitely be grafting this one in the fall. 

A family member is getting married at the nursery this fall. In preparation, we added an area of turf grass to the display garden and could not be more pleased with the appearance. 

'Magical Red Haired Woman' rockii Chinese tree peony

'King of Flowers' Japanese tree peony

'Golden Crown' Japanese tree peony was spectacular this year. This is perhaps the best pure yellow tree peony.

'Ruffled Sunset' is a hybrid tree peony with an enchanting blend of colors.

'Coral Sunset' hybrid herbaceous peony is a standout amongst the corals.

Our garden umbrellas proved once again to be an asset in protecting our blooms from both harsh sun and pummeling rain. 



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