Peak tree peony bloom 2016

This past week has been spectacular for our peak tree peony bloom, with cool days and little rain. The blooms of the Chinese central plains (zhong yuan), purple flare rockii (ziban) and Japanese tree peonies all overlapped this year in a stunning show.

‘Flawless White Jade.’ wu xia bai yu 無瑕白玉

‘Grand Black Flower’ hei hua kui 黑花葵

Big Deep Purpleda zong zi 大棕紫

‘Beauty Yu Ji in a Red Dress’ yu ji hong zhuang 虞姬紅裝

‘Yellow with Big Leaves’ da ye huang 大葉黃

‘Red of Hemp Leaves’ ma ye hong 麻葉紅

Rival Beauties Bathing in the Springsxian chi zheng chun 咸池爭春

‘Peach Blossom Spring’ tao hua chun 桃花春

‘Glory of the Sun and Moon’ ri yue tong hui 日月同輝

‘Cookoo’s Tears’ du juan ti xue 杜鵑啼血

‘Snowy Mountain Golden Summit’ xue shan jin ding 雪山金頂

‘Silver Waves on Lake Qing Hai’ qing hai hu yin bo 青海湖銀波

Noblewomangui fu ren 貴婦人

‘White Jade Lion’ Hakuojishi 白玉獅子

‘Fireworks’ hanabi 花火

Black Dragon BrocadeKokuryu-nishiki 黑竜錦

‘White Goose of Shimane’ Shimane Hakugan 島根白鴨

‘The Sun’ taiyo 太陽

‘Naniwa Brocade’ naniwa nishiki 浪花錦

‘Muramatsu Cherry’ muramatsu zakura 村松櫻

‘Shimane Wisteria’ shimano fuji 島の藤

‘First Crow’ muregarasu 群鳥

‘Lion of Yatsu’ yatsukajishi 八束獅子

‘Kamata Brocade’ kamata nishiki 鎌田錦

Joy of Longevityshimane chojuraku 島根長壽樂

‘Ann Marie’ the first hybrid tree peony to open. Many more of these late blooming tree peonies to come.

‘Peony Heaven Luminous Pink’ a seedling we are going to register this year.

Our wrinkled, krinkled, post-modern Phoenix White

One of our favorite tree peony test seedlings, T-100, first bloomed in 2010. We grafted it for the first time last year and hope to offer it for sale in 2017. 

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  • Phillip Wilkinson

    Dave’s tree peonies seedlings are doing great, looking forward to years of pleasure from them. The picture of T-100 looks beautiful with it’s two-toned petals. May have to buy one when offered for sale.

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