In bud and bloom, mid-May 2016

After a WEEK straight of rain, May 1st to May 8th, the skies finally cleared on May 9th. With warm sunny days in the forecast, we anticipate many tree peonies to come into bloom this weekend (5/14) with peak bloom probably occurring next weekend (5/21). Aside from peonies, we have lots of other beautiful and interesting plants either in bloom or on the verge this week. Enjoy!

Many of our early blooming tree peonies suffered winter damage and are not going to bloom this year. This specimen of ‘Phoenix Purple’ was unscathed.

‘Blue Sapphire’ is another early blooming Chinese tree peony. Some plants suffered extensive winter damage while others were fine. Even our small nursery has many micro climates.

‘Ling Flower Wet with Dew’ is at ‘marshmallow’ stage of bud, and will open soon.

Paeonia japonica, a woodland species native to China and Japan opened May 10th.

‘Capital Red’ continues to slowly unfurl its magnificent blossoms. These take over two weeks to open fully.

So many peony blossoms still to come. The majority of buds are still hard as marbles.

Pawpaws blossoms are beginning to open. These strange purple flowers are pollinated by beetles and flies.

Quince buds are ‘showing pink’ and should be open in a few days.

Aronias are is full bloom.

Continuing with members of the Rosaceae family, apples are also in full bloom.

Black currant bloom is just finishing up. Bushes loom to be loaded this year.

Blueberries are in full bloom.

The invasive garlic mustard is in bloom. This thug first showed up at the nursery and surrounding woods about five years ago. Every spring we devoted a day to yanking it all up before it goes to seed. Our years of diligent labor seem have finally paid off, we found comparatively little this year.

With all the dandelions now in bloom, a quick walk around our display garden is all the proof an organic certifier would need to prove that we don’t use herbicides.

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