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Tree Peonies

Tree peonies have been growing in China for over 1,300 years, and today they are cultivated and enjoyed in America. The tree peony is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful flowers in the world, and many varieties of the tree peony have an intoxicating fragrance that can be similar to that of a rose, or even lemony or spicy. Some would even argue that tree peonies far surpass the rose in both aesthetic beauty and fragrance appeal. Without a doubt, the peony is an exquisite flower that words simply cannot describe adequately.

Tree peonies are woody shrubs that contain multiple woody stems and some can grow up to ten feet tall, though this would take approximately 50 years. The botanical name for tree peonies is Paeonia suffruticosa. Quite a large number of people are surprised to learn that the tree peony needs four to five years of growth before it will produce blooms. At Cricket Hill Garden, we sell tree peonies that are mature enough to produce blooms, which is why many avid gardeners and peony lovers come to us for the highest quality peonies available.

The tree peony is universally appreciated because it produces the most exuberant, vibrantly colored flowers, ranging in size from 7 inches to 12 inches in diameter! Some peonies do not reach their maximum size until they are seven or eight years old, but this just gives you something to look forward to in your garden year after year. Peonies range in color from pure white to pink to deep magenta to coral red and even green. It is this diversity that truly adds depth and character to any garden setting, regardless of size or sophistication.

Growing Tree Peonies in Your Own Garden
One thing is for certain--tree peonies require a high quality soil, with an ideal pH between 6.5 and 7.0. Most importantly, tree peonies must have excellent drainage, as the roots are sensitive to becoming soggy and decayed. Finally, it is best that your tree peonies receive four to five hours of sunlight a day, with the less hot morning sun being the best. They will grow in more sun, but the flowers will quickly fade. You may want to plant your tree peonies where they will receive dappled sunshine all day, as this is also conducive to their growth and development. Please feel free to contact us at 860-283-1042 if you have any questions whatsoever about the beautiful tree peony. We can also be reached via email at crickethill@treepeony.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

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