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Online Nurseries

There are certainly a host of online plant nurseries from which to choose when buying tree peonies. Some of these nurseries may even sell peonies at rock bottom prices. If you are looking for quality peonies, and we believe you are, you can get what you need and more from us at Cricket Hill Garden. One thing is for certain; we have never tried to market ourselves as the least expensive nursery on the Web. Instead, we would prefer to be known as the nursery that takes pains to deliver high quality peonies to all of our customers, whether they are buying 1 plant or 10 plants.

Sure, you will likely find some online plant nurseries that sell peonies for less than we do, but what you will be getting in return is an immature plant that will not bloom for a few more years. At Cricket Hill Gardens, we only sell plants that are at least four years old, because many tree peonies do not bloom until their fourth or fifth year. Our herbaceous peonies have 4 to 5 eyes. In providing older plant stock, we believe that you will have greater success with your plant once it is transplanted into your own garden.

Our customers tend to be repeat customers, and we get to know their garden needs and interests. When you buy peonies online from other plant nurseries, you may not be buying from a dedicated nursery. Many online storefronts are only that, with no "brick and mortar" building, or real location. We always invite people interested in viewing peonies to our Peony Festival each May, where you can see and smell the flowers. We have people travelling from as far as California to see us in bloom. We welcome friends and customers new and old to experience the joy of growing these flowers and are happy to give correct advice.

Online Plant Nurseries--It's Your Choice
There is perhaps nothing more disappointing than buying a peony from an online nursery, only to find that it does not bloom in the spring, or worse, that it dies within the first year. At Cricket Hill Garden, we are available to speak with you year round, should you have any questions or concerns regarding your peonies and their care. Our success rate is about 99 percent, and for good reason. We only sell healthy, mature plants to our customers, and we provide continued support to ensure that our peonies continue to thrive in their gardens. We strongly believe that you will find the value in our plants and our customer service, as we strive to provide only the best of both

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